2024 May 16: Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting

Attendees: AT, Kris Stern, Jean-Marc Meessen


  • GSoC
    • Weekly GSoC office hours have been scheduled, info is on jenkins.io events calendar. Notes are here.
    • Payoneer submitted on behalf of Jenkins by LF (May 7, 2024).
    • LF - Techstrong episode on GSoC panel discussion in June. Q&A/ how to get your project accepted:
      • 1 Jenkins person (the GSoC expert)
      • 1 openSSF person (they were declined this year)
      • 1 Chips Alliance person (1st year participating)
      • AT will be representing Jenkins on this panel discussion.
    • KS: progress wise, we’re on track
  • Contributor spotlight stories
    • Received stories from Jan, Vandit, Harsh, AT,
    • KS: suggest story by Rajiv
  • Strengthen community efforts
    • Kris need data. JMM could design something to run daily. JMM will work with BR to provide CSV file (PR collection on a given day) to Kris - Interface & functionality. Kris will need to rely on JMM for data collection.
    • As for the ‘Thank You” attribution on the Contributor Spotlight page KS could help with this.
  • Adoptium Summit invited CFP submission to speak about how Jenkins is using Temurin’s technologies - BV made submission.