Workspace creation in jenkins UI

Hi, looking for help in jenkins, In pipeline job i am not able to see workspace folder or link in jenkins UI but I can see workspace dir in jenkins server,
Jenkins user has all the required permission, how i can create a link on job dashboard for pipeline job

As a pipeline job can have multiple workspaces it makes no sense to have a link in the job page to the workspace. Instead for each run there is a link workspaces that lists all workspaces that have been used in the run.

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@Shivani Are you saying that you are having trouble finding the link to the workspaces?

OR are you saying you know where the link should be but it happens to be missing for some reason?

@shadycuz as when we create a job we can see a default workspace folder and a link on job dashboard when the build is done but in pipeline job Iā€™m not able to see it, is there any way we can create a workspace folder or link in job dashboard


The workspaces are created per build. If you click on a build number, you should see the workspace folder link.