Unable to find one of my pipeline folder in workspace directory


My Jenkins is running with version 2.426.1. I have 3 pipelines for an instance let’s name them as P1, P2 and P3. I setup them a while ago and all of them are working fine. I use P1 and P2 pretty often. When it comes to P3 I don’t use it often and it’s last successfull run was a month ago and I didn’t ran it from past one month.

Today i logged into the server that hosting my jenkins and under the workspace directory i only see the folders of P1 and P2 pipeline but not P3 now. Can i know why i’m unable to see the P3 folder in the workspace directory?

I’m pretty sure i saw that P3 folder a month ago under the workspace directory. Is there any specific why i’m unable to see it now? Is it a default feature of the jenkins, if we don’t use our pipeline for a while it won’t show the pipeline folder?

Note: I can see the pipeline from the UI, but i can’t see it’s folder under the workspace directory in the server/node hosting jenkins.

Please let me know if anyone came up with the same prblm.

Appreciate your responses.

Prudhvi M.

there is a cleanup thread running in the background that removes unused workspaces after 30 days or so.

@mawinter69 Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Can i remove that cleanup thread? If yes, could you please help me with the steps. Also how to confirm that cleanup thread is running in the background.

If i run my pipeline once again it’ll create the pipeline directory back in the workspace folder right?

Will it cause any further more issues if i remove that cleanup thread?

Go to script console and type
and then run it. This will disable the cleanup until you restart. To persist it add it as a java startup property java -Dhudson.model.WorkspaceCleanupThread.disabled=true or set it via an init.groovy script.

@mawinter69 You mean adding the java property in the jenkins.service file by doing systemctl edit jenkins?