Why my work space deleted aruptly

Why my work space deleted abruptly

in the log file it shows :

Started at Thu Jul 28 09:49:50 IST 2022
Checking DeployRCN
Checking DeployTGV
Deleting /root/.jenkins/workspace/XXX on Jenkins
Checking xxxCycle1Pipeline
Checking xxxCycle2Pipeline
Checking xxxCycle3Pipeline
Finished at Thu Jul 28 09:49:57 IST 2022. 7178ms

I did not install the Workspace cleanup plugin.

Any Idea??

Hello @asishs and welcome to this community :wave:

What is the list of installed plugins on your controller?
To get the list, you can go to http://<yourcontroller>/script and enter this script in the textbox and then click Run.

  plugin -> 
    println ("${plugin.getDisplayName()} (${plugin.getShortName()}): ${plugin.getVersion()}")

Hi @poddingue ,

Thank you for your kind help. [Jenkins 2.332.1]
List of plugins :

Folders Plugin (cloudbees-folder): 6.714.v79e858ef76a_2
SSH server (sshd): 3.228.v4c9f9e652c86
JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF) API (javax-activation-api): 1.2.0-2
JavaMail API (javax-mail-api): 1.6.2-5
OWASP Markup Formatter Plugin (antisamy-markup-formatter): 2.7
Structs Plugin (structs): 308.v852b473a2b8c
Token Macro Plugin (token-macro): 285.vff7645a_56ff0
Build Timeout (build-timeout): 1.20
Credentials Plugin (credentials): 1087.1089.v2f1b_9a_b_040e4
Variant Plugin (variant): 1.4
Trilead API Plugin (trilead-api): 1.57.v6e90e07157e1
Pipeline: Job (workflow-job): 1174.vdcb_d054cf74a_
SSH Credentials Plugin (ssh-credentials): 1.19
Command Agent Launcher Plugin (command-launcher): 1.6
Pipeline: Step API (workflow-step-api): 622.vb_8e7c15b_c95a_
Oracle Java SE Development Kit Installer Plugin (jdk-tool): 1.5
Plain Credentials Plugin (plain-credentials): 1.8
Credentials Binding Plugin (credentials-binding): 1.27.1
SCM API Plugin (scm-api): 595.vd5a_df5eb_0e39
JSch dependency plugin (jsch):
Pipeline: API (workflow-api): 1143.v2d42f1e9dea_5
Timestamper (timestamper): 1.17
Git client plugin (git-client): 3.11.0
Caffeine API Plugin (caffeine-api): 2.9.2-29.v717aac953ff3
Script Security Plugin (script-security): 1145.vb_cf6cf6ed960
Plugin Utilities API Plugin (plugin-util-api): 2.16.0
Mailer Plugin (mailer): 408.vd726a_1130320
Font Awesome API Plugin (font-awesome-api): 6.0.0-1
Popper.js API Plugin (popper-api): 1.16.1-2
GIT server Plugin (git-server): 1.10
JQuery3 API Plugin (jquery3-api): 3.6.0-2
Bootstrap 4 API Plugin (bootstrap4-api): 4.6.0-3
Pipeline: Basic Steps (workflow-basic-steps): 941.vdfe1b_a_132c64
Snakeyaml API Plugin (snakeyaml-api): 1.29.1
Jackson 2 API Plugin (jackson2-api): 2.13.2-260.v43d711474c77
Branch API Plugin (branch-api): 2.1044.v2c007e51b_87f
Popper.js 2 API Plugin (popper2-api): 2.11.5-1
Bootstrap 5 API Plugin (bootstrap5-api): 5.1.3-6
ECharts API Plugin (echarts-api): 5.3.0-2
Gradle Plugin (gradle): 1.38
Display URL API (display-url-api): 2.3.6
Pipeline: Milestone Step (pipeline-milestone-step): 100.v60a_03cd446e1
Pipeline: Supporting APIs (workflow-support): 817.v58126df57338
Checks API plugin (checks-api): 1.7.2
JUnit Plugin (junit): 1.58
Matrix Project Plugin (matrix-project): 758.v7a_ea_491852f3
Resource Disposer Plugin (resource-disposer): 0.18
Java JSON Web Token (JJWT) Plugin (jjwt-api): 0.11.2-9.c8b45b8bb173
Ant Plugin (ant): 1.13
JAXB plugin (jaxb):
JavaScript GUI Lib: ACE Editor bundle plugin (ace-editor): 1.1
Pipeline: Build Step (pipeline-build-step): 2.17
Pipeline: SCM Step (workflow-scm-step): 2.13
Pipeline: Groovy (workflow-cps): 2686.v7c37e0578401
Apache HttpComponents Client 4.x API Plugin (apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api): 4.5.13-1.0
Pipeline: Stage Step (pipeline-stage-step): 291.vf0a8a7aeeb50
Pipeline: Model API (pipeline-model-api): 2.2075.vce74e77b_ce40
Pipeline: GitHub Groovy Libraries (pipeline-github-lib): 36.v4c01db_ca_ed16
Pipeline: Multibranch (workflow-multibranch): 711.vdfef37cda_816
Pipeline: Declarative (pipeline-model-definition): 2.2075.vce74e77b_ce40
Pipeline: Stage Tags Metadata (pipeline-stage-tags-metadata): 2.2075.vce74e77b_ce40
Pipeline: Input Step (pipeline-input-step): 447.v95e5a_6e3502a_
Pipeline (workflow-aggregator): 2.7
Lockable Resources plugin (lockable-resources): 2.14
OkHttp Plugin (okhttp-api): 4.9.3-105.vb96869f8ac3a
GitHub API Plugin (github-api): 1.301-378.v9807bd746da5
Git plugin (git): 4.11.0
GitHub plugin (github): 1.34.3
GitHub Branch Source Plugin (github-branch-source): 1598.v91207e9f9b_4a_
Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin (pipeline-graph-analysis): 188.v3a01e7973f2c
Pipeline: REST API Plugin (pipeline-rest-api): 2.23
Pipeline: Stage View Plugin (pipeline-stage-view): 2.23
Pipeline Utility Steps (pipeline-utility-steps): 2.12.0
JavaScript GUI Lib: Handlebars bundle plugin (handlebars): 3.0.8
JavaScript GUI Lib: Moment.js bundle plugin (momentjs): 1.1.1
bouncycastle API Plugin (bouncycastle-api): 2.25
Pipeline: Shared Groovy Libraries (workflow-cps-global-lib): 566.vd0a_a_3334a_555
SSH Build Agents plugin (ssh-slaves): 1.806.v2253cedd3295
Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin (matrix-auth): 3.1
jnr-posix API Plugin (jnr-posix-api): 3.1.7-3
PAM Authentication plugin (pam-auth): 1.7
LDAP Plugin (ldap): 2.8
Email Extension Plugin (email-ext): 2.87
Durable Task Plugin (durable-task): 495.v29cd95ec10f2
Pipeline: Nodes and Processes (workflow-durable-task-step): 1128.v8c259d125340
Pipeline: Declarative Extension Points API (pipeline-model-extensions): 2.2075.vce74e77b_ce40
Result: [Plugin:cloudbees-folder, Plugin:sshd, Plugin:javax-activation-api, Plugin:javax-mail-api, Plugin:antisamy-markup-formatter, Plugin:structs, Plugin:token-macro, Plugin:build-timeout, Plugin:credentials, Plugin:variant, Plugin:trilead-api, Plugin:workflow-job, Plugin:ssh-credentials, Plugin:command-launcher, Plugin:workflow-step-api, Plugin:jdk-tool, Plugin:plain-credentials, Plugin:credentials-binding, Plugin:scm-api, Plugin:jsch, Plugin:workflow-api, Plugin:timestamper, Plugin:git-client, Plugin:caffeine-api, Plugin:script-security, Plugin:plugin-util-api, Plugin:mailer, Plugin:font-awesome-api, Plugin:popper-api, Plugin:git-server, Plugin:jquery3-api, Plugin:bootstrap4-api, Plugin:workflow-basic-steps, Plugin:snakeyaml-api, Plugin:jackson2-api, Plugin:branch-api, Plugin:popper2-api, Plugin:bootstrap5-api, Plugin:echarts-api, Plugin:gradle, Plugin:display-url-api, Plugin:pipeline-milestone-step, Plugin:workflow-support, Plugin:checks-api, Plugin:junit, Plugin:matrix-project, Plugin:resource-disposer, Plugin:jjwt-api, Plugin:ant, Plugin:jaxb, Plugin:ace-editor, Plugin:pipeline-build-step, Plugin:workflow-scm-step, Plugin:workflow-cps, Plugin:apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api, Plugin:pipeline-stage-step, Plugin:pipeline-model-api, Plugin:pipeline-github-lib, Plugin:workflow-multibranch, Plugin:pipeline-model-definition, Plugin:pipeline-stage-tags-metadata, Plugin:pipeline-input-step, Plugin:workflow-aggregator, Plugin:lockable-resources, Plugin:okhttp-api, Plugin:github-api, Plugin:git, Plugin:github, Plugin:github-branch-source, Plugin:pipeline-graph-analysis, Plugin:pipeline-rest-api, Plugin:pipeline-stage-view, Plugin:pipeline-utility-steps, Plugin:handlebars, Plugin:momentjs, Plugin:bouncycastle-api, Plugin:workflow-cps-global-lib, Plugin:ssh-slaves, Plugin:matrix-auth, Plugin:jnr-posix-api, Plugin:pam-auth, Plugin:ldap, Plugin:email-ext, Plugin:durable-task, Plugin:workflow-durable-task-step, Plugin:pipeline-model-extensions]

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Jenkins is internally cleaning up unused workspaces, I think it cleans them when they haven’t been used for 30 days.
This feature can be disabled.
See https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jenkinsci/jenkins/master/core/src/main/java/hudson/model/WorkspaceCleanupThread.java

Hi @poddingue ,

Thank you, I run Jenkins under tomcat, so where do I configure

You probably have a file
there you can add the line
export JAVA_OPTS=“$JAVA_OPTS -D=hudson.model.WorkspaceCleanupThread.disabled=true”
You can also set this via an init.groovy script in your Jenkins home, modifying the corresponding system property,
or via script console in an already running Jenkins

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