Windchill (PTC) RV&S plugin automatic build on file change

I have the Windchill (PTC) RV&S Jenkins plugin installed on out Jenkins server and it builds the PTC project on manual request.

I expected that a file change, i.e., a file check-in in that project, to trigger an automatic build since the Change Detection mode is set by default to File Change mode, but that does not happen. Any idea why?

Thanks a lot!

I recommend that you contact the support organization at PTC. PTC Windchill and PTC Windchill RV&S are commercial products. Your organization is paying for commercial support of the product. I’m sure they will want to help you in your use of the product.

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Hi Mark, thank you for your suggestion. I’ve contacted the PTC support as well and I’m waiting for some feedback from them.
The reason I submitted the question here is that I found all the info about this Windchill (PTC) RV&S Jenkins plugin on the Jenkins website. That’s why I assumed that was created and maintained by the Jenkins community.
The site indicates a contact person, Cletus D’Souza, that I believed was connected to Jenkins rather than PTC.
Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

It works fine when the Poll SCM option is enabled. It does detect changes (check-ins, file addition/deletion) and Jenkins triggers a build as expected. It does not detect properly the commitId of the updated files, though, it comes as null…