Is there a plugin / method to Poll Github PR / PR comments?

I have a jenkins server (casc) which builds and tests a Github repository.
Currently the instance running behind a vpn, so it is not accessible to send webhooks to from Github. As a result, the way we have been able to verify changes has been to use ‘scm’ to poll the master branch for changes every few minutes.

freeStyleJob('poll_scm_job') {
    scm {
        github('my-repo/test-jenkins', '*/main')
    triggers {
        scm('H/2 * * * *')
    steps {

However, this only catches issues once they’ve been merged into Master. I want to be able to build and verify PR branches before they are merged.

Therefore I am wonder if there is a plugin or method of configuring Jenkins casc that would allow me to poll a github repository for changes and build any outstanding PR’s.

It would be great if there were also a way to:

  • Build PR when a specific comment is made on the PR (i.e. “build-ci-test”)
  • Build PR only if the comment is made by an authorized individual
  • Provide the status of the job back to github.

Could anyone point me in the direction of any plugins / documentation / examples if such a set up is possible with Jenkins casc?