What Jenkins plugin can be recommended for creating executable installer file .msi that can be deployed to users?

I need a Jenkins plugin or a stronger and easy to use method of making an executable installer(.msi) that can be deployed to users.

You can look at the Jenkins packaging repo which creates the MSI installer for Jenkins itself. The MSI generation code is here: packaging/msi/build at master · jenkinsci/packaging · GitHub

can I use that if I build my application to create and msi executable file?

You probably can’t use it as is, but it could be a reference while you develop your flow.


If I remember correctly Wix is super simple

I don’t think you need a plugin to make an installer


You don’t specify what you are trying to package, but I happened to be reading the new features in Java releases and read:

Java 14
Packaging Tool (Incubator)

There’s an incubating jpackage tool, which allows to package your Java application into platform-specific packages, including all necessary dependencies.

  • Linux: deb and rpm
  • macOS: pkg and dmg
  • Windows: msi and exe

Based on this tutorial and this overview it leverages Wix 3.0, which must be present. Video available too.

So, if you are running Jenkins on Java 17 this may help.

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This is something we can try in our environment. Thanks