Is it possible to copy .jenkins folder from windows installation on a linux red hat OS?


I have a working installation on windows.

is it possible to move this .jenkins folder from windows to my linux OS and use java command to launch jenkins.war on my linux OS ?

or do I need to do a fresh installation in the linux OS using jenkins.war (but I will loose configuration + plugins)

I have never done this but this might work.

yea, in theory should work, all the .xml files are plain text, so should work cross os, the plugin directory are all .hpi files, which are java, which should work cross os.

I would recommend using a package manager, install it, then copy over the configuration on top of it. You’ll probably have to go into /manage/ and reconfigure paths though.

Thanks I don’t understand the package manager stuff. What is the purpose ?

By the way if it doesn’t work do you know if it is possible to ‘install’ plugin by directly put a bunch of .hpi/.jpi file in plugin folder and then reboot Jenkins ?

Yes you can install plugins by copying files. That’s even documented in Managing Plugins

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