We've made Jenkins deployment easier on the cloud!

While Jenkins is already all about automation, we’ve just made the automation even wilder!

We’ve been a huge fan of Jenkins for a while, and a lot of our deployment relies on Jenkins too. As a developer, we never really thought of the installation process as being hassling. But sometimes, our clients don’t think the same way as us - especially when they don’t know much about computers.

In the past, it wasn’t really a problem when we could bring our demo to them in person. But amid the pandemic, showcasing project demos have been more challenging than before. We’ve tried a few solutions by providing them with installation guides or even distance deployment through TeamViewer. But it didn’t go as smoothly as expected.

It was in this struggle that we developed yet another web application that helps others ease out all the project deployment and installation processes, making things simpler and faster. Partly inspired by Kubernetes, we’ve created Tin out of scratch.

From the developers’ side, we’d only need to drop our repository with .yaml descriptions for packages on the web and generate a link for our clients. And from the client’s end, they’ll only need to visit the link and run the application, without any manual environment configurations. The application should run fresh right on the browsers, regardless of operating systems.

All of this would be done within seconds.

Check out one of our demos with Jenkins and run it in the Endpoint Public Server: https://www.teamcode.com/tin/clone?applicationId=270270854740733952

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