Jenkins Documentation for Springboot, Node JS,React JS and Angular JS Build and Deployment using GIT on Windows and Linux servers

Is there any Jenkins Tutorial/Documentation/Best Practices Guide for Spring boot, Node JS, React JS and Angular JS Build and Deployment using GIT on Windows and Linux servers?

Did you read the tutorials from our web page already? Did you use a web search already?

What are you looking for specifically? The different technologies you mentioned require all a different tool set.

We have two projects running on Full Stack. First one has back end- Spring boot, front end-React JS. Second one Back end-Node JS, Front End- Angular JS. We have successfully generated Jenkins builds of the two. See attached screenshot. Now we want these builds to be deployed in our respective APP servers (Windows/Linux). Understand that this will need additional Jenkins plugins like Publish over FTP,SSH2 Easy etc. I am new to Jenkins. Would like respective documentation links which can guide me the exact steps along with the exact active plugin to choose from Jenkins Available plugins tray (Jenkins version I’m using-2.422)?

Installing plugins is usually not the best way to handle a deployment with Jenkins. Usually, it is better to take steps like the following:

  1. Automate your deployment from a command line on your own computer, noting the credentials that are needed and the commands that are used
  2. Create a shell script, batch file, or Powershell script that implements that automation. Pass the credentials into the script as environment variables
  3. Confirm the script works from your own computer with the credentials passed as environment variables
  4. Add the script to the source code repository
  5. Create credentials in Jenkins that have the necessary values for the script
  6. Create a Jenkinsfile in the source code repository that calls the script with a withCredentials wrapper around the script that defines the necessary environment variables

There is no tutorial that will provide that level of detail for your case.