Warning: The new version of this plugin is marked as incompatible with the installed version


After upgrading to Jenkins version 2.361.3, below warning is displayed for “SSH Build Agents” plugin.

We do not want to upgrade the plugin below thinking it may break the existing Linux executor configured on Jenkins. Is that true ? if yes, Can you suggest a way to upgrade the plugin to latest version ?



I recommend reading the release notes to determine what the changes are for the new version and see how it might impact you. Sometimes the changes are breaking, but only for certain usage cases, so reading the release notes is important.

Below release details for the plugin doesn’t provide the exact parameter/setting that got changed with the new version… Can you advise to get the correct link for release notes to get the details ?


The breaking change I see is the removal for support of java8. If you are running an older Jenkins and have not updated to the one requiring java11, then you will have problems. If you are running a version of Jenkins that supports/requires Java 11 then you should be fine. As always, it is best to deploy to a staging server and run some tests before upgrading your production instance.

Thanks Alex Earl, I will check on staging instance.

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