Jenkins upgrade from 2.346.1 to 2.361.1


I did upgrade Jenkins from 2.346.1 to 2.361.1 and started seeing the agents (AWS EC2) launching and terminating automatically. AWS EC2 plugin I use is 1.68.
So I have reverted back Jenkins version to 2.346.1.

Please check


did you follow the upgrade guide(s)? Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide

Thank you. I use JVM 8 in my agent. I think this need to be upgraded to 11. Can you please confirm if that is the reason for the agent (ec2) termination issue?

As someone who doesn’t use AWS, no I can’t confirm it

Everything looks good now. But still, I get the agents to get disconnected intermittently saying below message

This node is offline because it uses an old slave.jar

I have to bring it online manually. Does that mean I have to upload a new jar file for this? if yes, how to do it?


The jar file that launches the agent was renamed many years ago from slave.jar to agent.jar. That message indicates that you need to either download and use a more recent version of agent.jar or you need to configure the EC2 plugin to download and install a more recent version. I don’t know the configuration of the EC2 plugin, so am unable to tell you which of those you need to do.

If you’d like to monitor versions more actively, the versions node monitors plugin adds a column to the “Manage nodes and clouds” page that reports the version of remoting that is being used. It also allows the administrator to configure how strictly they want to enforce agent versions being similar to the controller version.