Waiting for GitHub to create a merge commit for pull request 1234

I’m seeing the below output a ton in our “Scan repository” logs. Also note the "retrying 3 more times bit’ – so it repeats itself.

Why is it doing this? I don’t think github is ever going to create a merge commit - and even if it did, why is it waiting on that?

Can I disable this somehow - seems to be taking up a lot of time and introducing delays. Thanks!

Hello @jaaasshh and welcome to this community :wave:

This message is part of the Github Branch Source plugin: github-branch-source-plugin/GitHubSCMSource.java at addca9c61370a13bc31cfd4c17551c678ffefacb · jenkinsci/github-branch-source-plugin · GitHub

I don’t see any easy way to get rid of this message in the source code.
It looks like it has something to do with the change request checkout strategy (which would be “merge” in this case), but I have no idea if this is something you can configure in the plugin or on the GitHub side. :thinking: