Github PR builder failing when trying to check github forked Repository Branches

Hi I’m using Jenkins 2.263.4 with ghprb 1.42.1 and I’m trying to get the Pull Request Builder to run tests against forked branches, unfortunately, it looks like it fails because it doesn’t check out the upstream it just looks for the commit in the current repository. Has anyone done got this working ?

 > git rev-parse 6d94f1dd5e7ad201f2f7938d478e1c4739586818^{commit} # timeout=10
 > git rev-parse origin/6d94f1dd5e7ad201f2f7938d478e1c4739586818^{commit} # timeout=10
 > git rev-parse 6d94f1dd5e7ad201f2f7938d478e1c4739586818^{commit} # timeout=10
Adding one-line test results to commit status...
Setting status of 6d94f1dd5e7ad201f2f7938d478e1c4739586818 to FAILURE with url https://<redacted>-pullrequest/94/ and message: 'Something went wrong. Investigate!

Hi Martin. I can’t comment on GHPRB specifically, but there’s a note at the top of its plugin page that indicates that " [y]ou should probably migrate to GitHub Branch Source Plugin" (link corrected, since the link in the plugin page is incorrect). We’re using the GitHub Branch Source plugin to build many PRs a day on our GitHub Enterprise instance and it works fantastically. Maybe this would be a better option?

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