Using Webdav (Nextcloud) as source

I would like to pull my source files using a webdav connection to my Nextcloud server instead of some SVN Repository. Is there any plugin making this possible or do I need to pull using some separate script in the pipeline?

What does using it as a source mean? Nextcloud/webdav doesn’t support any scm features like notification of changes, or history or anything.
Do you just want to copy the files into jenkins at the start of your build? I would just use cp (linux) or xcopy (windows) over a webdav mount and not really worry about it.
But what else where you thinking in the terms of integrations?


Using “as source” means “using as source” like you can use a github repo in the settings of a job. It is not a matter of SVN side effects like Version history -which Nextcloud has indeed in its own way.
I want to point the Job to a WebDav source as it would do in a Github setting.