Cloud Parameter

Moin! Iam using Jenkins in our environemt. It worked like a charme as long as I used one cloud. Now I have the problem, I have to add another cloud to jenkins.
I did it it the common way with the kubernetes plugin. I added a new cloud with all needed settings. I added the “cloud” parameter to a simple code, but jenkins always connect to the main cloud and execute it there.

Sample code:

    agent {
      kubernetes {
          cloud 'nextcluster'
        yaml """\
          apiVersion: v1
          kind: Pod
              pipeline: deployinstance
            - name: maven
              image: nexus.local:8443/maven:3.5.4-openjdk11
              imagePullPolicy: Always 
              - cat
              tty: true
    	    steps {
    	        script {echo "ingo"}

The output I got:

Started by user [ingof]
Running in Durability level: MAX_SURVIVABILITY 
[Pipeline] Start of Pipeline 
[Pipeline] podTemplate
 [Pipeline] {
 [Pipeline] node Created Pod: nextcluster jenkins-agents/podtemplate-12-0xvqf-kppkc-02bk2

Here you see that it calls the nextcluster but it execute it in the main cluster. Any idea what I do wrong?
Or is there a known bug?
Currently Iam forced to use: Jenkins 2.263.4