Using Jenkins with Snipe-IT

This might be a random question, but I am trying to integrate Jenkins with Snipe-IT tool (asset management tool that we use to keep track of our servers in the lab). I did some research but was not able to find anything related to this.
Are there any plugins that would allow me to connect Jenkins and asset management tools like Snipe-IT together. We use Jenkins heavily for CI/CD and want to see if we could use servers that are listed on Snipe IT for functional testing using Jenkins.

Any lead will be appreciated. Thank you!

I’m pretty sure snipe it has an API. So I don’t see why you couldn’t integrate. You can check but I don’t think anything exists.

In a pipeline you could probably hit the API then loop through the list running a task that hits each server.

Gotcha! I will look into this! Thank you for the lead! I appreciate it.

/hardware seems to the API endpoint to list hardware.

However, it depends what you are trying to do with Jenkins

you want to test every server using Jenkins? run some Jenkins jobs on some/all servers listed there?

I want to be able to use servers that are in the checkout pool (not used by anyone at that moment) to test our builds. So, for example, if we have 40 servers in Snipe-IT and then people are using 30 of them, then 10 of them should be used by Jenkins to perform these functional testings and if someone wants to grab one of the servers (among those 10) used in Jenkins for their personal use, then they should be able to check in those servers and Jenkins will release that particular server and user can take it.
I know it is quite complicated but this is essentially what we are trying to implement.

Maybe the solution could be to simply use snipe-it data to start / teardown Jenkins agents that connect to the master?

(probably running kubernetes cluster on the unused servers is an overkill, but also an option).