Use cases for Jenkins - Assistance with understanding

Hello Forum,

I’m very new to learning about Jenkins. Currently our office is using Jenkins for some automated pipeline work. But I’m curious if we could leverage Jenkins for some other tasks we currently handle manually.

A bit of background. We have Chef within our environment and runs every 2 hours to install/upgrade agents on all our servers. But we have some severs in a datacenter that has it’s own Chef Infra and we cannot bootstrap servers we use in that datacenter to our Chef Server. We do have our installs (Linux and Windows) scripted in PowerShell or Bash to complete the install of the application. So I’m investigating whether we could leverage our Jenkins to achieve one or both of the following scenarios:

  1. From our server in the remote datacenter we issue a command to connect back to our Jenkins Server and use our Jenkins to install/upgrade an application.


  1. We push from our Jenkins server to the server in the remote datacenter the instruction to install/upgrade the necessary application.

Thank you in advance for any advice or pointers you can provide me.