Unable to transfer release 401

Hi, so I’ve followed this [article](https://www.jenkins.io/doc/developer/publishing/releasing-manually/) to deploy plugin manually. But at end getting below error message. Also I read that I need to use Github PAT but after creating PAT, what are the next steps?

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-deploy-plugin:2.8.2:deploy (default-deploy) on project accelq-ci-connect: Failed to deploy artifacts: Could not transfer artifact com.aq:accelq-ci-connect:hpi:1.6 from/to maven.jenkins-ci.org (https://repo.jenkins-ci.org/releases/): Transfer failed for https://repo.jenkins-ci.org/releases/com/aq/accelq-ci-connect/1.6/accelq-ci-connect-1.6.hpi 401 Unauthorized -> [Help 1]

Hello, could you open an help desk issue for this at GitHub - jenkins-infra/helpdesk: Open your Infrastructure related issues here for the Jenkins project please?

That may indicate one of several possible issues, all related to the credentials associated with allowing the accelq Jenkins LDAP account (managed on accounts.jenkins.io) to upload releases of the ACCELQ CI-Connect plugin. Some of the possible causes include:

  • Wrong username in ~/.m2/settings.xml in the servers section for the repository maven.jenkins-ci.org. In your case, the username should be accelq since that is the Jenkins LDAP account that is allowed to upload releases of the ACCELQ CI-Connect plugin
  • Wrong password string in ~/.m2/settings.xml in the servers section for the repository maven.jenkins-ci.org. The instructions for generating the correct string are in “Artifactory credentials for Maven”

An example entry in ~/.m2/settings.xml might look like this:

      <!-- See https://www.jenkins.io/doc/developer/publishing/releasing-manually/#artifactory-credentials-for-maven -->

Note that the password I provided in that example is not the correct password for your account. The password I provided in that example is derived from randomly generated data unrelated to any Jenkins account.

Please be sure that you very carefully follow the instructions at:

You can test that the password is accepted without generating a new release by running the command mvn deploy while your repository is configured to deliver SNAPSHOT releases. That way you don’t “waste” releases while configuring your Jenkins LDAP credentials for the Jenkins artifact repository.

A GitHub personal access token is not mentioned anywhere on that page. In the pom.xml file of your repository, the developer connection is configured to use https to access the repository. It is more typical to use ssh to access the repository as a developer. I’ve included that change in a proposed pull request to your repository.

Hi, thanks for the PR. I’ve accepted it.
But I still see this error. I ran the command mvn deploy here’s the output

don’t use mvn deploy (as we don’t host snapshots), use mvn release:prepare release:perform
and make sure the settings from artifactory are in ~/.m2/settings.xml

I was having @accelq use mvn deploy to confirm that the username and password had been correctly entered into ~/.m2/settings.xml as described in the performing a plugin release manually page. When a plugin maintainer has commit access to at least one repository on https://repo.jenkins-ci.org , then they are allowed to deploy snapshots. However, snapshot deploy will fail if they have not placed their username and password in the ~/.m2/settings.xml file as instructed in the performing a plugin release manually page.

@accelq, I believe that you need to review the performing a plugin release manually page again and assure that you have followed the instructions precisely. I suspect that you’ve inadvertently missed a step.

So, I checked the flow. And for the artifactory, I could not find the UI as shown in screenshots, so I used the CURL flow. And I’m using Windows. As this is a crucial step for us, Is there any option to schedule a call and get it resolved?

Running mvn release:prepare release:perform shows this error