Slow page load after move to a net with limited internet access

We moved our Jenkins instance to a subnet with restricted internet access. Now pages are taking longer to load. Does each page load try to reach out to a URL that might not be accessible with our current firewall rules? If so what URL and can I turn this off? Any other reasons why the move might have caused the page load sluggishness?

Hm. This is very good question. Our jenkins takes also awhile until loads the pages. And we are also running in limited Internet access. This might be the reason. But why it works? I mean when we can nit load some sources it shall something goes wrong. It will be fine when somebody can answer the question. And yes i know i shall analyse it in some technical way. But who has time for that.

I am guessing if it is a site it can’t reach it does not provide required content. Just something that is nice to have. When it doesn’t get anything it times out and the page loads. I going to ask our networking folks to look at the logs and see if they see something that is getting blocked.