Dashboard Page of Jenkins take too much time to loaded


When we are using Jenkins, at some times dashboard page can not be loaded. We can reach other pages like manage jenkins, but the Dashboard page can not open for a while. After we waited 10-15 minutes it can reachable again. It’s occured 2-3 times in a week and we try to find the root cause of it. Searched it in forums, learning materials but we can not find the main problem. Is there anyone who faced with same issues and solved? Could you help me to solve this issue?

o/ you need to look at the JVM level to understand what’s going on. Create a threaddump and analyze it. That will tell you which threads are active or not and hint at where the time is spent and/or what is being waited upon.

Thanks for your answer. Our Jenkins’ Java version is 17.0.11. Could you explain me or give a guide to create a threaddump? If you are mentioned about the tread dumps already exists in https://examplejenkinsurl/threadDump, I have plenty of logs here. Which one do i need to look at to understand, please give me hint about it.

hi, it requires Java (operations) knowledge. I cannot explain it here, this is too long. So either you want to start studying, for example through https://www.baeldung.com/java-analyze-thread-dumps, or you want to have it analyzed by a consultant or someone who knows how to look into a JVM.