Issue with Jenkins Login slownes

Hi Team,

We installed jenkins in docker container and integrated with LDAP but after successfully integrated with jenkins we are able to login the page but it is taking very long time to login to jenkins, when we checked in the logs it is not writing any error about the logging to jenkins, can someone please let us know how to overcome this issues or this issue is expected when we integrated with jenkins to LDAP or is there any other alternate directory solution to speed the login page ?

And also we tried to integrate with Crowd Directory by using an plugin which is available in manage jenkins but we are getting an error with Crowd (Error : Our Admin are missing we are not able to operate the jenkins with admin rights, if we change in the config file all users are getting admin rights)

Can someone please suggest us how to overcome the above issues.

Santosh Kumar kadathala

I highly recommend reaching out to a vendor for slowness, us random volunteers don’t usually have the time or experience to walk you through thread dumps