Enabled LDAP - now dont have admin access anymore

I have a jenkins instance installed on a windows server 2022 datacenter.
I did enable ldap, that worked. I can login with my ldap user, but this user has no admin rights. With my local admin user I cant login anymore. Is there any way, how to get in jenkins with admin rights?
I’ve found this:

But that is an instruction for linux. I dont have a config.xml, I just have a jenkins.xml. And in this jenkins.xml, there is no parameter “”

Is there any way, I cant disable ldap or security, in order to get in jenkins with admin rights?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The instructions are not for linux only.
The config.xml is located in your JENKINS_HOME.

How can I show where JENKINS_HOME points to?

I only found my program folder under C:\Programgs\Jenkins - and there is no config.xml

what is inside the jenkins.xml? It might contain a hint where your JENKINS_HOME is.

I managed to find it under C:\ProgramData\Jenkins.jenkins

Thank you in advance