Screenshot Updates - She Code Africa Contributhon 2022


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Meeting Notes - 18 Apr 2022


  • Somaa
  • Nafeesa
  • Miracle
  • Mark


  • Installing Maven on macOS?
    • One alternative
      • $ brew install maven
      • $ mvn -version # Need at least maven 3.8.3, prefer 3.8.4
    • Another alternative
      • Download the zip file from Maven download site
      • Unzip in a location of your choice
      • Add that location to your PATH in your shell
  • How are you progressing with Jenkins?
    • Confused by initial steps
    • Was able to create a Pipeline today
    • Starting the next steps in the preparation guide
    • Which Jenkins version should we use for comparison?
      • Most recent weekly (changes every week) - Jenkins 2.343
      • Tomorrow, it will be Jenkins 2.344
      • One week from tomorrow it will be Jenkins 2.345
      • updates every week automatically
      • You’ll need to download and install each week to get the most recent
  • Looking further ahead, could spend time together seeking screenshots (< 20 minutes)
    • List the files that contain images in the source code
    • See the list Mark created in the sheet, use to see some of them, use your own installation to see all of them
  • Could review Jenkins concepts and capabilities (up to 30 minutes)
    • Pipeline jobs
      • Define job with code (developer says how they want the pipeline to run)
    • Freestyle jobs
      • Define the jobs by clicking on the user interface
    • Blue Ocean for visualizing pipelines
    • Multibranch pipeline job - Branches and Pull Requests
      • Jobs are created and deleted automatically as pull requests are proposed and merged
    • Agents to do the work - Using Jenkins agents
  • Could review the startup steps in the document
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Meeting Notes - 22 Apr 2022


  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Aditya Srivistava


  • Reviewed more screenshots and updated the sheet
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Meeting Notes - 25 Apr 2022


  • Mark Waite
  • Nafeesat Jimoh
  • Aditya Srivistava
  • Somma Chukwu


  • Discuss automation ideas for screenshot updates
    • Not the focus of the She Code Africa Contributhon
      • Aligns because we’re identifying screenshots
      • Aligns because are updating the screenshots interactively
    • Documentation includes a screenshot preceded by words explaining context
      • Words are not precise enough to tell a computer how to duplicate it
        • Naturally cannot be, we write for people, not for machines
      • How would we represent the machine executable steps to reach the screenshot?
        • Python’s doctest facility invites developers to write tests in the documentation by expressing the steps in a relatively precise, machine readable format
        • Behavior Driven Development encourages the creation of a domain specific language dedicated to the specific product being tested and the tasks in that product
        • Interactive test automation with an end to end test that takes a screenshot within the interactive test
      • How would we express that a portion of the screen is needed, not the whole screen?
      • A few of the screenshots are images in the Jenkins source code
        • Like the blue ocean status images
  • Reviewed more screenshots and updated the sheet
  • Using the tutorial to build a pipeline, ready for more questions


No additional notes taken, see the recording


May 2, 2022


  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Kevin Martens


  • Test drive a screenshot update from each participant using the sheet



  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Kevin Martens
  • Nafeesat Jimoh
  • Somaa Chukwu


  • Congratulations
  • Screenshot update from each participant using the sheet
  • What’s up with Miracle?
    • She’s not been involved for the last two weeks
    • Assumed that it is only Somaa on the project for the rest of the project
  • Have a good weekend



  • Mark Waite
  • Somaa Chukwu
  • Aditya Srivatstava


  • Screenshot for the subversion plugin in a pipeline library
  • Project Timeline
    • May 16, 2022 is the end of the screenshot project work
      • One more week to go
    • May 16-31, 2022 Somaa writes her final report, Mark and mentors write their final blog post to highlight accomplishments and identify next steps