Roadmaps for Open Source Projects - Experience Report at cdCon

Sharing materials from the today’s cdCon session @MarkEWaite and me made about roadmaps for open source projects. In this session we show some tips&tricks about developing and maintaining public roadmaps. Target audience: maintainers of open source (or not) projects and communities.

Abstract: “As open source projects grow, develop, and evolve, a “roadmap”, or shared plan for future improvements can encourage new contributors to join the project and guide the efforts of existing contributors. Oleg and Mark will share the experiences of the Jenkins project as it has developed a roadmap and used the roadmap to improve the project. We’ll share the principles that have guided the creation of the roadmap, the challenges we’ve encountered, the techniques we’ve used, and some of the successes and failures of the roadmap. We’ll review the history of the Jenkins project roadmap from its beginning at FOSDEM 2020 to its current state.”


Teaser slide(s)


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