Documentation office hours - May 9, 2024


2024-05-09 (EU/US)


  • Mark Waite
  • Bruno Verachten


  • Weekly 2.457 built and delivered
    • Changelog is available, no issues with the release
  • Next LTS release 2.452.1 will happen on May 15, 2024 (next Wednesday)
  • Contributor spotlight: Kevin Martens
    • Alyssa Tong after that
    • Jan Faracik has agreed to share his response when he’s back from vacation
    • More to come, Alyssa is helping with getting in touch with contributors
  • Versioned docs project
  • Deprecation of Blue Ocean & documentation tasks
    • Good use case for versioned documentation. The Jenkins core release that deprecates Blue Ocean should redirect from Blue Ocean to the replacement pages
    • Kevin preparing and planning for transition
    • Not likely to deprecate in the next 12 months
  • Pipeline steps doc generator issue with the build step
    • Needs bisect to identify
    • Needs a test that checks the problem is fixed
    • Needs a fix to resolve the problem