Documentation office hours - May 2, 2024

2024-05-02 (EU/US)


  • Kevin Martens
  • Bruno Verachten
  • Kris Stern


  • Weekly 2.456 built and delivered
    • Changelog automation continues to work well - 2.457 draft changelog is in progress
    • One entry was missing, Basil Crow caught and updated it accordingly (Thanks!)
  • Next LTS release 2.452.1 will happen on May 15, 2024
  • Security Advisory (May 2 2024)
  • Blog from Alyssa Tong on GSoC acceptance and project announcement
    • Google announced their selections on May 1, 2024
      • Jenkins is a participating organization with 5 projects!
    • Next step is the community bonding period (already started in gitter/IRC chat)
    • Thanks to all who submitted proposals/applications
    • Looking forward to what comes next!
  • Next contributor spotlight: Kevin Martens
    • Alyssa Tong after that
    • Jan Faracik has agreed to share his response when he’s back from vacation
    • More to come, Alyssa is helping with getting in touch with contributors
  • Versioned docs project
    • Waiting for the new location that can host the versioned site
    • Working on the Gatsby
    • Infra team have agreed to bring the versioned docs site work into an upcoming milestone
      • Waiting for the conversion before moving docs
  • Recently merged/in progress work for
  • Docs office hours Asia canceled for later
    • Removed from the Jenkins calendar
  • Deprecation of Blue Ocean & documentation tasks
    • Good use case for versioned documentation. The Jenkins core release that deprecates Blue Ocean should redirect from Blue Ocean to the replacement pages
    • Update status/note at top of page
    • Look for potential replacement documentation (extended pipeline graph view documentation, other documentation)
      • Unless it’s best to just remove/redirect away from it
    • Potentially move the blue ocean documentation to a different area
    • Would the version documentation take care of this problem for us if it is not part of ‘latest’?
    • Quite a few tutorials & documentation linked to Blue Ocean
      • Things that were written recently have had the Blue Ocean reference removed in favor of Pipeline Graph View
      • Basic usage of Pipeline Graph View covers what Blue Ocean offers. There are some things Blue Ocean can do specifically, but this does not necessarily mean the Pipeline Graph View is not enough.
      • Infra still uses it as well at this time, so it is very clear how important Blue Ocean is for some users
      • New users should start with Pipeline Graph View (for a better experience)
    • Kevin exploring (new) GitHub Projects as a way to capture all the work needed for this
      • Old project function used previously, however this has changed since
      • Act as a central location for all the tasks necessary as we start to plan this out
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