Regarding beginner friendly issue

GitHub bug? I don’t know other than that. I was able to fork the repository shortly after seeing your message. Try the fork operation again?

showing same message

I just double-checked, I can fork it as well with no issues.

how can I fix it it showing everytime when I try to fork

They do suggest checking to see if you have already forked the repo before. If so that’s the expected error.

Is the same message displayed for every repository you try to fork? If so, then you’ll probably need to contact GitHub support to ask for their help resolving the issue. If not, then you might consider ignoring the problem by selecting another plugin for your contributions.

What experiments have you tried relating to forking repositories on GitHub?

What attributes did you vary in your experiments? Did you try different web browsers? Did you try different computers? Did you try submitting the request from other locations?

What were the results of those experiments?

both the plugins repository that you have been mention I am not able to fork both of them

Can you fork any GitHub repository?

If not, then use the “Contact us” link on the GitHub page to request help from GitHub. It is not likely that the Jenkins project can solve the issue.

If you can fork other GitHub repositories, but are only excluded form forking Jenkins repositories, then it may be time to look for another project to help. Jenkins maintainers don’t see the problem that you’re seeing. Others don’t see the problem that you’re seeing. I’m sorry that the problem exists, but I don’t see anything that we can do to resolve the problem when we can’t duplicate it.

[quote=“krisstern, post:13, topic:4677”]
ee if you have already forked the repo before. If so tha
[/quo yes I have tried different repositories I was able to fork them

Assuming your username here matches your GitHub username, it seems you had a PR marked as spam in the jenkinsci organization, maybe this triggered some kind of workflow to temporary block you?

so how can i unblock myself

Raise an issue with the Jenkins infrastructure help desk. Provide a detailed description of the issue you’re seeing, the steps you’ve attempted, and their results. Include a link to this discussion for further reference.

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Shold I go for Account issue in helpdesk?

That’s probably as good a choice as any

I have deleted the repository of Jenkins that I have previously forked but again not able to fork the plugin repository should I wait?

The discussion needs to happen on the Github ticket, with the Jenkins infra team. There is nothing more any of the contributors in this discussion can do to help you at this point.

The discussion needs to happen on the Github ticket, with the Jenkins infra team.

Yes I’ve closed too quickly your help desk issue earlier, sorry about that.

Please continue on Not able to fork the jenkins repository · Issue #3278 · jenkins-infra/helpdesk · GitHub, we’ll take a look soon and get back to you there.

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should I work on the stuff in which “needs to be done is written” or do I have to work on everything on the list you have given

Work on the things that are listed as “needs to be done”. You could certainly review the other items and confirm for yourself that they are done or that they are not needed, but I assume that review won’t result in any pull requests.

Certainly pace yourself and work on as many of the items as you like given the time that you have.