Problem using Extended Choice Parameter

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I’m new on this forum :slight_smile:
I have a problem with my extended choice parameter, we have update the plugin (0.83 to 346.vd87693c5a_86c) and since this update my param is not visible in Jenkins build page (when I go to configure build I see “Extended choice parameter” with my configuration (groovy) but when I click “Apply & save” my value is empty (I have only the name of my extended param).
I had approve the script of course :slight_smile:
Does anymone has seen this problem before ?

Before the update all was well.

Many thx for your help !

P.S : sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Hello @itserof and welcome to this community :wave: .

What version of Jenkins are you using?
What version of Java are you using?
On which operating system?
Are all your other plugins up to date?

Hello @poddingue,

Thx for your anwser !
We’re using Jenkins 2.346.2 and java 11.
All other plugin which is related are up to date !
And Jenkins is installed on a virtual machine Red Hat RHEL 7.1.


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One last question before somebody more knowledgeable chimes in…
What is the browser you’re using to access the Jenkins controller?

I’m using Chrome, but I also try with Firefox but the problem is also present.

Before the update i had this :

After updating plugin I have this :

I’m using this theme in groovy (jsonEditorOptions) :
theme: “bootstrap3”,iconlib:"bootstrap3