Built With Parameters extension

Hello everyone,
I would like to extend Build With Parameters view for more complex UI interactions with the user. As example I would like to add tabs and JSON editor. I know that there is an Extended Choice Parameter plugin with JSON Editor but I want to avoid to usage of this plugin or some another plugin which is another parameter plugin. Is there a way how to extend a Build With Parameters view with some custom html and JavaScript stuff? Do you know if there is already some plugin extending the view? Is it even possible to extend the view without having some another parameter (ParameterDefinition)?
Thank you in advance.

Take a look at Active Choices

I am confused, you want a plugin you dont want to USE a plugin?

I will be more specific about my question. I was hoping it would just extend the view “BuildWithParameters”. I would like to use/develop a plugin which will not be another parameter plugin (Active Choice Parameter plugin or Extended Choice Parameter plugin). I hoped that it would be possible by extending Jenkins UI components using custom Jelly tag libraries like is described in custom-view-tabs plugin tutorial.
In technical speaking I hoped in base class something like this:

public class CustomBuildWithParameters extends BuildWithParameters {

    public CustomBuildWithParameters() {

    public static final class CustomBuildWithParametersDescriptor extends BuildWithParametersDescriptor {

        public CustomViewsTabBarDescriptor() {

        public String getDisplayName() {
            return "Custom Build With Parameters";

        public boolean configure(StaplerRequest req, JSONObject formData) throws FormException {
            return false;

Maybe extending the ParametersDefinitionProperty could be the way.