Preferred platform for discussion on "Plugin Health Scoring System" project?

Hi everyone,

The main intention of this post is to ask you all about which platform you prefer for having asynchronous discussions related to the “Plugin Health Scoring System” GSoC 2022 project.

@Jmm suggested maybe creating a Gitter channel or requesting the creation of a slack channel. If you have anything else on your mind, please feel free to share. We’re looking for a channel that works best for the whole team.

Tagging the project mentors as well: @jakeleon, @alecharp, @kuro


I do not have a preference! Whichever works best for you and the other mentors is good with me! This probably doesnt help a whole lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying Jake! :slight_smile:
For the time being, I think we can explore the option of having discussions on a new Slack channel on the CDF workspace if possible, because I find Slack more useful and easier to use than the Gitter channel. I’ll reach out to Oleg regarding this.

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