Plugin Maintainer Self Service Site

Hey fellow plugin maintainers.

I wanted an excuse to play with learning svelte, so a while ago I made this little nodejs + svelte app.

so far I think its just @timja and I that use it, but it lets you:

  • easily manage labels
    • It fetches all labels currently in use, and gives you checkboxes to add it to your repo
  • easily import the “template” github labels for those using release drafter and/or otherwise want standard labels.

Tim has suggested at one point maybe a button to create a default Jenkinsfile which is a cool idea.

If we want to make this an official jenkins infra app, then I probably will convert the svelte to react just so more people can contribute to it.


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It would be great to have it! There are really nice screenshots and docs on GitHub - halkeye/plugins-self-service. Unfortunately I was unable to test it IRL, raised Blank screen when using the demo setup · Issue #1 · halkeye/plugins-self-service · GitHub