Platform SIG - Mar 25, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Mike Cirioli, Ben Rich, Kevin Martens (@Kevin-CB)



  • Open action items
    • Plugin installation manager docs - PR-4373 (closed)
      • Docs team agrees with Tim that a simple use case will be described on and detailed documentation will be kept in the GitHub repository of the tool
  • Docker agent support additions under consideration
    • Windows Server 2022 LTSC support in the docker agent images
    • Pull request from the community to add it as an agent image
    • Needs Windows Server in infra
      • Infra team is investigating
    • 2019 LTSC continues supported for a while
    • Kubernetes 1.23 is the first version that support Windows Server 2022 LTSC
      • Jenkins infra not yet using 1.23
      • Likely 3-6 months away from using it
    • Temurin layered atop standard docker image
  • Linux packages use systemd instead of System V init JENKINS-41218
    • Blog post published today giving more details
    • Relatively low rate of bug reports, in LTS and weekly already
      • Some users (of Devuan) continue with init based installations
      • Only actively testing systemd based installation
  • Require Java 11 or newer for Jenkins core
    • Jira epics (Require Java 11) and backlog tracking by Basil Crow
    • Lots of work remains before we’re ready to switch off Java 8
  • Linux operating system support policy
  • Java 17 support in Jenkins
    • Timeline not yet determined, but work is in progress
    • Jira epics used to track the work
  • Exit lifecycle change in the Docker images
    • Proposal from Basil Crow to rely on Docker exit lifecycle
  • Replace our copy of tini with the Docker provided copy
    • Consider replacing our copy of tini with Docker default tini