Pipline hanging for a long time on the "Started from ..." log message


When triggering new builds in our multibranch pipelines it will sometimes stay on the “Started from command line by user” message for a minute or more before continuing:

[2022-12-09T12:50:18.964Z] Started from command line by user
[2022-12-09T12:51:06.943Z]  > git rev-parse --resolve-git-dir /var/lib/jenkins/caches/git-0fbb4b39440f96469a9458ca4919a38c/.git # timeout=10
[2022-12-09T12:51:06.947Z] Setting origin to ssh://git@bitbucket.<...>.git

On other builds we see no delay at all, but we haven’t yet been able to spot any pattern to when it is slow or not.

Anyone who could shed some light on what the controller is doing while showing this message, or if there are any logs etc we could look into to try to narrow it down?

The next lines in the log are the ones related to connecting to the Bitbucket server for retrieving the Jenkinsfile. Has the controller started any of this while still showing the “Started from …” message or does this all happen later as the timestamps do suggest? Or in other words, could a slow Bitbucket server contribute to the delay we see?

Jenkins 2.346.3 (Java 8), Multibranch Pipeline 716.vc692a_e52371b_, Git 4.12.1