Pipeline Help - She Code Africa Contributhon 2022



Meeting Notes

Apr 21, 2022

  • Progress reports and status discussion
    • Sophia
      • Finished the first preparation for Pipeline Experience task
      • Last meeting helped to start the effort
      • Seeing what we are doing
        • Pipeline experience highlighted the goal of the project
        • Jenkins Pipeline help for build step in local Jenkins had many fewer parameters than the web site copy (that has them all)
        • Used the Pipeline syntax generator, found it helpful
        • Would love to create the entire Pipeline from a single UI instead of switching between user interfaces
      • Issue using Blue Ocean to create a Pipeline
        • Needed tools like Maven, JDK, etc. available on the computer
        • Had to adjust her local computer to include those tools
          • Configure a JDK
          • Configure a build tool
          • In the context of her already working computer
      • Running on macOS on an M1, running Jenkins locally, no Docker
    • Afi
      • Worked through the initial steps
      • Marked them in the working document
      • Pipeline build step plugin step showed that her Maven was not working
        • Had to reinstall Maven and confirm that it was working
        • Working with issues in Windows Subsystem for Linux
      • Pipeline syntax generator inconsistencies detected
        • Saw the main web site and saw that there were many places that were missing
        • Other pages on the website like checkout and echo that also need more help
      • Running on Windows, has WSL, and is running Jenkins locally
  • Questions and answers
  • Steps from a command line in development mode
    • See the recording
    • Go through the steps, insert a change into the Jenkins build step plugin help, confirm that you can see that change on your computer in Jenkins
    • Refer to this recording beginning Friday for an example how to do it
    • Ask questions in Slack when problems arise


Meeting Notes

Apr 28, 2022

  • Questions and answers
    • How to find locations that need more Pipeline help
  • Progress reports and status discussion
    • Sophia
    • Afi



  • Questions and answers
    • How to find locations that need more Pipeline help
      • How to insert that help into the location so it will be visible
  • Progress reports and status discussion
    • Sophia
    • Afi