Permissions on Sub-directory level in Jenkins

Jenkins setup:
Jenkins is installed on Kubernetes Cluster via Helm chart.
Jenkins Version: 2.440.1
Issue with: Jenkins Sub-Folder permission

Hi Team,

Wanted to understand how we can set permissions on Sub-Folder level in Jenkins.

Ex: I have a Folder Name “Test” in which i created folders Test 1, Test2, Test 3 etc. All the Users are added via AD groups and have Overall/Read permissions. I want User A to have access on Test/Test1 Folder and User B on Test/Test2. I tried “Item Role” section to Provide user access but if i give ^Test.Test-. the user is not able to access the Folders at all not even Test but if i give ^Test.* Users are able to access the all folders and pipelines under Test.

Do we have sub-folder level permission on Jenkins? if Yes, kindly let me know what is that i am doing wrong.


You will need a rule that grants read access to the folder Test itself for User A and user B (or maybe for all authenticated user)
^Test$ user A, user B, user C, …
and then for each folder
^Test/Test1$ user A
^Test/Test2$ user B