Functional ID having the job - config permission after creating folder with this functional id

Hi All:

We are using a functional Id to create folders and assign permission to active directory groups and other functional ids that need specific permissions within this folder by using the REST API. All of these creation is through a config.xml and posting it via REST and using this functional Id and token (username / password) and crumbs. Nowhere are we giving this functional id any permissions in the config.xml (double checked in the code and looks good). But somehow we see this functional id getting a “Job - config” permission after creating the folder (with this Functional id). Suspect this permission is acquired from global settings but don’t know how this permission is set when the folder is created? We are using “Inherit permission from ACL” for creating one folder and for the other we are using “Do not inherit permission grants from ACL’s” and in both we see this functional id “Job - config” permission and we are using Jenkins 2.401.3
Can someone help me understand how this permission is acquired when creating the folder via REST API and how to stop this permission from being given to the folder for that functional id?

Thanks & Regards,