P4 trigger works manually but not through the REST API

Hi everyone,
Having issues with the P4 trigger here. It works correctly when used via the web interface (manual trigger) but I can’t get it to work via the POST request in my batch file.

The request looks as follows:
curl --header 'Content-Type:application/json' --verbose --request POST --user user:APIKey --data payload="{change:666,p4port:\"\"}" http://localhost:8080/p4/change/ where the IP address in the payload is correct and the URL is also correct. The request goes through, returning 200 OK and I can see that it successfully authenticated in the Jenkins logs but that’s it, it does not seem to trigger anything past that. The payload does not seem to be processed since even malformed IP does not return an error. The perforce log does not report any activity. For reference, other API calls such as /quiteDown work fine.

I am not exactly sure how to debug this further since I am not seeing anything in the logs that would help me move forward, any pointers at what might be wrong with my request?

I believe perforce plugin is maintained by perforce, so I would recommend reaching out to them. I don’t think there’s very many on the forums that work with perforce.

You can increase logging via Viewing logs if you want.

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Thank you @halkeye, we will reach out to them.