Next steps for mentors: proposal grading starts April 4th

Hi Jenkins GSoC Mentors,

As the contributor application window has opened, we wanted to get this communication out as the next phase will require your action, which is the grading period. Grading will begin on April 4th after 18:00 UTC. We will place all submitted proposals HERE, see Grading tab. There’s only a 2 weeks window to get your grades in (on the spreadsheet) so that us Org Admins may begin with the next phase.

Your task:

  • Provide a grade for each proposal, including the ones you will not be mentor for.
  • Give it a grade ( 5 = Strong Accept ; 4=Accept ; 3=Neutral ; 2=Decline; 1=Strong Decline)
  • A grade of ‘5 = Strong Accept’ constitute:
    • A clear and well defined proposal.
    • The applicant has enough skills and experience to quickly hit the ground running.
    • Applicant has completed contribution(s) to the project prior to submission, and attended office hours. These are evidence of his commitment to the project and understanding of how our community works.
    • Applicant has demonstrated adequate communication skills with his submission, his interactions on forums or gitter, on PR conversations.
    • Applicant has “the right stuff” to complete successfully his described GSoC project.
  • If you would like to be a mentor for any of the submitted proposals, place a check mark in the box under “Want to mentor”.
  • Last day to get your grades in is Wednesday April 19, 2023.

Once all grades are in, org admins will meet with individual project idea mentors to solidify the winner for your project idea (week from Monday April 17 to Friday April 21).

Thank you again for your time to the project.


Org admin team
@alyssat , @krisstern, @poddingue , and myself