New Talk: Evolution of open source CI/CD Tools

Hi all! I have just made a new talk about evolution of open source CI/CD Tools. It is not about Jenkins per se, but Jenkins is referenced as an example a lot. I would appreciate any feedback!


We will go through the history, from cron jobs to industry standard Jenkins project and emerging technologies like Tekton or GitHub Actions. What’s now and what’s next? How do target environments influence developer tools? And how does Continuous Delivery Foundation promote interoperability and facilitate evolution of the CI and CD ecosystem?


Teaser image:


Ha ha Cruise Control (slide 29) Yes, I did use to create proteomic databases for mass spectrometry! :roll_eyes:

Does having an ‘opinionated’ Gen IIII mean it only does DevOps CI/CD?

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I would not say so. There are opinionated solutions for other domains as well. But yes, devOps is a main factor

Hi all,

Here is a new edition of the slidedeck for the today’s North American DevOps Group meetup NADOG - Evolution of open source CI/CD tools - Oleg Nenashev - Google Slides

thanks for the awesome information.