Meeting to discuss Building with alternative tools in deep details

Hello community, and Hello @Jmm @krisstern @MarkEWaite @iamrajiv

I’m asking for making a meeting to discuss Building with alternative tools in deep
to have a good overview of the details of the project.

This meeting will be important for anyone who will propose this Idea.

for all people who are interested in that, please reply to this discussion and this may increase the chance to have a meeting with the Mentors and Org admin.

and this will be considered if they are available and willing for doing that, and I hope

if it could be Friday anytime that suits the Orgs admins and Mentors as we can have time to update our proposals.


/- Mahmoud

Hi @Mahmoudgalalz I do not think it is good timing for ask for another meeting to discuss the details regarding “Building with alteralternate tools” project idea. I understand you started quite late in the application process compared to other candidates, and may have missed the original meeting dedicated to this project. Also, based on your previous follow-up questions, the nature seems more in keeping with a proposal that has already been accepted by us. As we have yet to rank the proposals and decide on a final badge to be recommended for Google’s selection, I would suggest you try and come up with your own proposed solutions to the questions you have at this time, which is why we have the draft propsoals for in the selection process. While we do everything to help every GSoC applicant to have a better chance at being selected, we cannot guarantee any outcome for any particular proposal. I hope you would understand our decision.

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Thanks for these words, I got your point