Building with Alternative Tools

Hi Guys, I have created my drafted proposal
Mahmoud_Galal Proposal for building with alternative tools

For Building with alternative tools

I would love to hear the feedback from potential GSoC mates and The mentors

@MarkEWaite @krisstern for your gentle review

Well done.
Thank you for providing your draft for review, Mahmoud.

/- Jmm

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Oops. Don’t forget to put “everyone with the link” as commenter. At a first glance, several important parts (background, experience, motivations, etc) are missing. It is advised to use the recommended template.

/- Jmm

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Done, I’m still preparing at and I will mention here again when it’s completely done for the first review

/- Mahmoud

Perfect Mahmoud

Thank you to help us in trying to keep on top of the many proposals.

/- Jmm

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Hello dear Mentors and Org Admins

@Jmm @krisstern @iamrajiv @MarkEWaite

I’m asking for the 1 iteration on reviewing my Proposal, waiting to discuss the approaches that I come up with in my proposal

/- Mahmoud Galal aka KroKing

You are right, Mahmoud, the Community is waaay behind reviewing your proposal. Calling here for mentoring help.

/- Jmm

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I really want one of the mentors to discuss some points related to the approach we should follow

I have mentioned there are two ways to consider moving to Antora

one is to separate the content alone in the repo which is the way Antora docs says

and UI can be within the automation server

The other way is combining all this in one repo and It can be done with versioning as mentioned in the Antora doc we can do versioning using Tags, Branched, or directories names

I discussed with @krisstern on gitter but I think she didn’t get my point. what I did understand from her which we are trying our best to have one repo, which will have blogs using gatsby and Docs with anotra, and the rest of the website will remain Awstruct and haml, this will lead us to use monorepo architecture.

I have no problem doing any of these approaches but I want my proposal to be with one view, my proposal now has pointed to these two approaches

Thanks @Jmm
/- Mahmoud

Also, I have mentioned that I made a demo demonstrating using components

and Antora

Hello @Mahmoudgalalz ,

I understand your doubts and your questions are legitimate.

As said during Office Hours, mentors will not tell you (and might not know) what is the best solution. We expect you to be able explain the options clearly and choose/recommend (with argumentation) your solution. We are interested to see in your proposal your communication skills, creativity, and knowledge on the subject matter.

The mentor’s draft review are mainly there to guide you on correctly explaining your proposal, on good comprehension of the problem to solve, and avoid errors.

I fear that calling for a clarification meeting is quite late at this stage of the timeline. But it depends on the availabilities of mentors. They have been quite stretched seen the very large number of proposals and candidates. Don’t forget that they have other responsibilities besides GSoC.

I want to thank Kris (@krisstern ) for his incredible availability and implication in reviewing proposals and relentlessly answering the numerous questions.

/- Jmm

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Thanks @Jmm I got what you mention for, and I will be discussing them in my proposal

also, I would really than @krisstern and I admit she was very available most of the times for all community, Thanks @krisstern so much

Hi @Mahmoudgalalz We will be replacing Awestruck for the entirety of the website as a drop-in replacement, but will start with the Documentation and Blog. This is one issue to be discussed in your proposal on your own, and we would like to stick to a single-repo structure. So I think perhaps there have been some misunderstandings somewhere, as I never expressed we will keep Awestruck at all.

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Regarding this statement, I believe there must be a way to make this work within a single repo with different directories for the different parts of the website. I will leave it open for you to suggest how this could be implemented. But this approach undoubtedly will involve a lot more work than you seem to be thinking.

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Please note that you can always define a content source root other that the repo root. (See: Repositories and Content Source Roots :: Antora Docs)

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Okay, but it’s not part of the GSoC, it will be replaced later after GSoC

Sorry I never said that, and Awestruck will be replaced in the drop-in replacement during GSoC.

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yeah I do know, and I researched for that and I come up with the implementation approach, so you think I should remove this from my proposal and not considering it at all

Can you please clarify what you mean by drop-in replacement,
do you mean we will combine our work with the main repo and we will use Awestruck for the rest of the website?

as we will do a just monorepo of Docs and Blogs and then combine it with the main one and remove the docs and blogs from Awestruck

By drop-in replacement it means the project should be ready to be deployed at any time after the conclusion of GSoC to replace the existing master branch.

We will be redoing / revamping the code at the master branch of GitHub - jenkins-infra/ A static site for the Jenkins automation server for this project, so it may or may not involve just the Documentation and Blog, plus also everything else currently on the site, while replacing Awestruck with Antora. The scope really depends on the coverage of your proposal.

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I did not say that. I have no idea where your interpretation is coming from.

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