Maven home field under Global Tool Configuration is missing

Hello everyone. Please I just started using jenkins. I installed version 2.375.2. I am trying to add my maven installation under Global Tool Configuration. In all the example tutorials I have checked, the instruction is to go to the Maven section and click “Add Maven”. All the tutorials show two textboxes labelled name and maven home, where one is to enter the name of the maven installation and the home directory. When I try the same with my jenkins install, I only get one textfield for the name and a dropdown to pick the maven version and another dropdown to add an installer. There is no textbox for setting the maven home. Nothing I have found online suggests that this is a recent change. I would be grateful if someone could show me how I am to set the maven home under these circumstances. My operating system is windows 10.

As far as I understand it, there is no need to set MAVEN_HOME or M2_HOME with modern Maven versions. Use the most recent Maven release (3.9.0) or the previous release (3.8.7) and you don’t need to set a value for those things.

Maven 3.5.0 release notes say:

Based on problems in using M2_HOME related to different Maven versions installed and to simplify things, the usage of M2_HOME has been removed and is not supported any more MNG-5823, MNG-5836, MNG-5607

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Thank you so much Mark. I was beginning to suspect so but I needed assurance from somebody more experienced.

Much Regards