Matrix Reloaded Plugin alternative (rebuild single sub-project)

Hi. I have a matrix build that run across a single axis. The axis is actually for project names so effectively I just run some stuff on multiple projects. The projects are mostly independed, but they are all small NodeJs projects.

Hi. I have a matrix build that has a single axis. This axis corresponds to project names, so essentially, I run certain tasks on multiple projects (using one matrix job). These projects are mostly independent, although they are all small Node.js projects if that’s important.

Is there a way I can build only one of them?

I’m using Matrix reloaded for now, but would prefer something more stable.

Jenkins setup:
Jenkins: 2.414.1
OS: Windows 10 - 10.0
Java: 17.0.6 - Eclipse Adoptium (OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM)


If you switch the definition of your project from a matrix project to a Pipeline project you can control the execution details more precisely. You could then control execution with the “replay” feature of Pipeline or by parameterizing the Pipeline job. Give the Pipeline job parameter a default value that is interpreted to mean that all projects should be run. If a non-default parameter value is provided, then assume that parameter value is the exact project to be run.

The Pipeline syntax page has a section dedicated to parameter definition. There are also several videos that show how to use parameters in Jenkins Pipeline jobs.

I wanted to avoid Pipeline because even the basic Pipeline plugin has a lot of dependencies that cannot be turned off. And updates were bothering me (too often)… But I guess if there is no other clean way, then I can go with a Pipeline. Thanks for your answer.

I think you’re much better served by switching to Pipeline with its continuing increase in Jenkins rather than remaining with the matrix reloaded plugin and its known unresolved security vulnerability.