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My team manages multiple instances of Jenkins for various tenants on our Kubernetes platform. We recently updated to the latest (before yesterday) LTS version of Jenkins [2.361.1]. Unfortunately, it was then reported by various tenants that their agents weren’t successfully starting up. Looking at the logs this was due to them using an older version of the remoting jar and they were seeing “Agent version 4.2.1 or newer is required” errors. We rolled back which fixed the issue so they could update. This was a surprise to us though as there was no mention of this requirement in the LTS changelog. Though now I can see it in the non-lts changelog. Is this expected? I would have thought something breaking like this would be in the LTS changelog.


Thanks for catching that mistake in the changelog. We’ll add it to the changelog.

You may want to consider installing the Versions Node Monitors plugin so that you have an immediate view of the remoting version being used by your agents. Much more testing and use is done with current remoting versions connected to current LTS versions than with older remoting versions connected to current LTS versions.

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That’s great, thanks Mark. We’ll take a look at that plugin to try and help avoid these issues in the future.

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