Lot of git processes on the built-in

we are having big performance troubles with our instance, from our point of view more or less out of sudden. We regularly spawn higher hundreds of builds to crunch the data we have. What we observed recently that Jenkins becomes extremely unresponsive bot for humans and scripts. Of course there can be lot of root causes of that and it is hard to pinpoint the source.
Nevertheless we see large amount of git.exe git ls-remote processes being spawned on the controller 150+ (and them being quite slow).
Do you happen to know at which stage of job the git is spawned on the controller?
We dont run any builds on controller and have no pipelines as well. I assume some sort of listing of branches and tags - but at which stage of spawning a job? (we do vast majority via API) or any other occasion? this happens? We would like to pinpoint the troublemaker, obviously.


Jenkins setup: Windows Server 2016, 100+ nodes (300+ executors)

Hi @VolvoxGlobator and welcome to this community.

I think the git part is done on the controller, no matter what.
It then gives the rest of the job to one of the agents.
Do you have multibranch pipelines? Scheduled builds? External triggers?

we actually found the root cause, we had one pipeline job despite we thought we had none - which in our specific environment was probably causing some prolonged git operations. Honestly we do not understand why/how but disabling the job has fixed the issue.