Multi Branch pipelines


We have a environment with a single jenkins Controller running in Openshift and it uses Kubernetes plugin to define agents to run the Pipeline scripts that are in the git repository.

I have been debugging issues where the initial git checkout that is done on the Jenkins Controller BEFORE the agent is activated. This Timeout after 10 minutes.

I know issue is related to the number of Multi branch pipelines we have. And also how many branches each project has.

As it is right now we run 50 multi branch pipelines at the same time. On the same Jenkins controller (2 CPU , 12 GB Ram)

And the jobs “stall” and timeout after 10 min and only very few jobs actually end up starting an agent.

I believe the issue is we have to many Multi Branch Pipelines and to many branches (100+ branches in some projects)

I also see this in the output logs : “At maximum indexing capacity”

But since the issue in relation to Jenkins Controller and not agents. I wonder if anyone has some ideas to improve performance ?

Besides the obvious :

  1. reducing the number of jenkins jobs
  2. reducing the number of branches

Is their a way to improve the jenkins controller . I see it’s not really using the CPU. and uses 9 GB of 12GB when the issue is happening.

IS their a Jenkins Setup with multiple Jenkins Active Controllers ?