Least load plugin in Multibranch pipeline


I have installed Least Load Plugin v3.0.0 on master Jenkins v2.303.3.
I am able to view option “Use default Jenkins load balancer” in a freestyle project as below:


but this option is not present in Multibranch Pipeline.

Do least load plugin SUPPORTED in Multibranch pipeline?

If yes, then how to enable this plugin or do we have any script to enable through a Jenkins file of multibranch pipeline?

Manish Kumar

The option you are showing is to DISABLE the least load balancer, not enable it. Are you wanting to disable it for a specific build? It doesn’t look like there is a pipeline step or option to disable.

Thanks Alex for prompt reply,

I want to enable it for Multibranch pipeline.Does least load plugin support Multibranch pipeline?

And unlike freestyle project, multibranch pipeline doesn’t have “Use default Jenkins load balancer” option for disabling.

In general, multibranch pipeline job options are set inside the Jenkinsfile itself (for the second and subsequent builds of a given branch), with the properties step (Scripted syntax) or options (Declarative syntax). The snippet generator will show the details. Whether this particular plugin supports Pipeline, I have no idea—that would be a question for the maintainer.