Jenkinsfile Runner update - Contributor Summit @ FOSDEM 2024

Hi all,

Sharing my short Jenkinsfile Runner update from the contributor summit on Feb 02. I am happy to do an extended version at one of the meetings. Slides: 2024-02-02-JFR-Update - Google Slides

TL;DR: No big updates, I am still on a break in the Jenkins project, and I have only some time to keep the lights on. I am looking for co-maintainers and tinkerers who are interested to work on the project, it still remains relevant

One thing to mention is that I do not longer consider JFR relevant for integration testing of Jenkins Pipelines. At this stage, it can be totally replaced by the containerized Jenkins instances running inside Testcontainers, because it provides all features of the real Jenkins like classloading, even with an embedded K3s cluster if you need it for testing. Container suspension and caching address performance concerns for tests. Recently Steve Hill created a module for it: GitHub - sghill/testcontainers-jenkins: Testcontainers module for Jenkins