Jenkins.war 2.357 and greater does not launch


I am trying to update Jenkins for the first time since first installing it over a year ago. The most recent version does not launch. And through trial and error I determined that 2.356 is the last version that runs for me.

I am running it from a batch file like so:
java -jar jenkins.war --httpPort=8081

So to update, I am just replacing jenkins.war with the new version. The command line does not show any error - the window just closes shortly after I run the command, with no other output.

Any idea what the problem could be? Was there something big that changed with version 2.357?

Java 11 is required to run Jenkins beginning with Jenkins 2.357.

Newer versions like Jenkins 2.361 will print a message that notes Java 11 is required.

Ah, okay. Thank you!

Btw you are running a weekly (single decimal place).

Would also recommend using the stable/lts releases so changelog and upgrade guides are easier to follow.

Just for future knowledge. Changelog had that detail on the first line of the first broken version.